▣ Recall the memory of my first time

Do you remember the first time of your art? This is reminding me when I touched a pencil, an eraser, and some brushes on the special paper. How did it work into my brain? It was unbelievable and shocked. My heart just pounded with excitement. If someone ask me what the art is for me, I cannot say any of perfect answer. However, I would say that it is just destiny which means no stopping me to draw with whatever reason.
JUST keep and keep! This painting is blamed me now.

어느 순간부터인가 느슨해지는 나를 발견한다. 오래전 그 열정이 내 가슴속에 숨쉬고 있다고 감히 말할수 없지만 아직은 운명처럼 내게 다가온 그림을 놓고 싶지 않은 것은 분명한 것 같다. 지켜나가보자. 어디가 끝인지...